Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is a global, invitation-only community of crypto entrepreneurs, investors, and key influencers leading the blockchain revolution.

THE brightest minds leading the blockchain revolution
THE savviest crypto company investors
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Cryptonite was founded on the premise that the growing decentralizing and liberating power of the blockchain will ultimately upend major industries, inspire developing nations, transform popular culture, and create huge new economic opportunities.

Cryptonite fosters the revolution by gathering the brightest minds and craftiest entrepreneurs at exclusive live salons and online forums to engage in cutting-edge debate, exchange technology and business advice and join together and make great things happen!

Cryptonite offers members and their guests a variety of professional business development, networking, fundraising and educational benefits, including:

—Connecting with crypto industry insiders, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.
—Participating in Innovation Salons at some of the coolest venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, and on the Cryptonite World Tour.
—Presenting your company at Cryptonite events, and accessing our crypto expert, investor and media leader networks.


80 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA, USA
(Former Sunset Magazine headquarters)

Editorial Advisors

Thought Leaders:
Shawn Douglass, Tim Draper, George Gilder, Tony Perkins, Melissa Williams, Dejan Roljic, Michale Noel, Crystle Wong, Anil Advani, Michale Arrington

Date & Time

The sun is always rising in the blockchain revolution.


Draper Associates, WisePR, Inventus Law, Sparxo, Taygo, Arrington Capital.


Fort Mason—San Francisco

The first stop on the World Tour is the General's Mansion in San Francisco’s northern Marina District. The Mansion is nestled on a peak at the historic Fort Mason and offers an expansive view of the San Francisco bay, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge. Fort Mason is a former United States Army post originally built during the the Civil War to bolster coastal defense batteries located inside the Golden Gate Bridge. Cryptonite attendees will enjoy an epic San Francisco experience.

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Founding Members

Cryptonite 'Founding Members' are distinguished by their achievements as entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and thought leaders.

Melissa WilliamsMelissa Williams
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams
Tim DraperTim Draper
Tim Draper
Tim DraperFounder
Draper Associates, Draper University
Don Basile Don Basile
Don Basile
Don Basile CEO
Monsoon Blockchain Storage
Sarah AustinSarah Austin
Sarah Austin
Sarah AustinCEO
Peak Energies
Atsushi HisatsumiAtsushi Hisatsumi
Atsushi Hisatsumi
Atsushi HisatsumiFounder & CEO
Michael Arrington Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington Founder
Arrington XRP Capital
Richard MaRichard Ma
Richard Ma
Richard MaFounder & CEO
Margaretta Colangelo Margaretta Colangelo
Margaretta Colangelo
Margaretta Colangelo Co-founder
Digital Asset Group
Shawn Douglass Shawn Douglass
Shawn Douglass
Shawn Douglass Founder & CEO
Thomas Carter Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter Founder & CEO
Naishadh 'NJ' JhaNaishadh 'NJ' Jha
Naishadh 'NJ' Jha
Naishadh 'NJ' JhaManaging Director
Cryptonite Ventures
Alex Linebrink Alex Linebrink
Alex Linebrink
Alex Linebrink Founder & CEO


Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by inquiring attendees, presenting crypto companies, sponsors and speakers.

How does Cryptonite select potential members?

New prospective members are researched, and invited by the Cryptonite Ventures and Alchemist editorial teams who seek advice from our members, partners and industry advisors. The Cryptonite promise to its members is to only invite the best and the brightest thought leaders in the crypto economy. To nominate a new member, contact (415) 787-2421

What is the demographic make-up of the Cryptonite memnership?

At the heart of the Cryptonite membership are the founders of the most promising crypto projects, and the investors, big tech players and industry experts who back them. We also seek out the leading academics, government officials and crypto industry focused reporters and bloggers as honorary members.

What is the primary benefit to becoming a member to Cryptonite?

Very simply, Cryptonite measures its success by creating positive outcomes for its members. Such outcomes include raising capital, creating partnerships, recruiting advisors and talent, and gaining media exposure.  All our major events, interactive salons, and online communities are designed to maximize high-level introductions and professional branding opportunities.

What kind of access to members have to each other?

All members enjoy access to the membership roster, and Cryptonite will happily make personal introductions between members. Cryptonite is currently finishing a private online group for our members, which should be live by September 2018.

Are their opportunities for students and others to volunteer?

Yes! Cryptonite is building a strong network of highly talented and professional volunteers to help with our research efforts and events. To inquire about volunteering for Cryptonite, contact (415) 787-2421

Do we offer press membership?

On a highly selective basis, Cryptonite offers qualified and full-time members of the press complimentary passes to our Salons and World Tour stops, and other Cryptonite member privileges. To see if you qualify for a press pass, contact (415) 787-2421

Can a service firm, tech brand or high-end consumer brand sponsor Cryptonite?

Yes! In our ‘Founding Partners’ section of this site, you can see we have a growing base of  high-end sponsors.  To learn more about becoming a Cryptonite sponsor contact Valerie Britt –

How long does a membership last?

Cryptonite memberships a good for a year after your registration date. Before a membership expires, Cryptonite will alert the member and determine the renewal status. The Cryptonite system is NOT set up for automatic renewals and all renewals require the mutual agreement of both the member and Cryptonite. To learn more about becoming a member and staying on the Cryptonite VIP  list, contact (415) 787-2421

Do you offer any complimentary memberships?

On a limited basis, we offer leading academics, journalists, and industry thought-leaders access to specific membership privileges. To learn more about becoming a member and staying on the Cryptonite VIP  list, contact (415) 787-2421

Is there a limit to the number of Cryptonite members?

No! The long term goal of Cryptonite is to spread organically throughout the world and seek out the best and the brightest entrepreneurs and thought leaders driving the crypto economy.  To learn more about becoming a member and staying on the Cryptonite VIP  list, contact (415) 787-2421

What do membership fees cover?

All Cryptonite monthly Salons and Culture Pop-Ups are generally free to members and a single guest. Members also receive a 75 percent discount on tickets to the Cryptonite World Tour. To learn more about becoming a member and staying on the Cryptonite VIP  list, contact (415) 787-2421

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.

Meet your crypto peers, build a global reputation and make great things happen!

As a member of Cryptonite you will have a front seat to the blockchain revolution, and gain the cutting edge knowledge and connections to make great things happen.

Cryptonite introduces its members through highly interactive salons, labs, and cultural pop-ups at inspirational venues in the San Francisco Bay Area and crypto centers around the world.

Founding member spots are limited. Join now and be on the founding Cryptonite team!

Tony Perkins
Tony PerkinsFounder & Editor, Alchemist
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    • 75 percent off World Tour tickets
    • Access to members through Alchemist and Telegram groups
    • Regular insider research
    • After party priviledges
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Founding Partners

Our founding partners are the champions of the crypto world’s most successful entrepreneurs and projects driving the blockchain revolution. To join our blue chip team of partners contact Valerie Britt -

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