Our members are distinguished by their commitment to leverage innovation to create a more private, secure and sustainable world. Hover over each photo to see the name and affiliation of each member and click on their profile to view to their LinkedIn profile.


These crypto entrepreneurs are distinguished by their ability to see the big opportunity and work their butts off to make it happen.

Natalia KarayanevaNatalia Karayaneva
Natalia Karayaneva
Natalia KarayanevaCEO & Founder
Propy Inc.
Frances Mann-CraikFrances Mann-Craik
Frances Mann-Craik
Frances Mann-CraikCEO
Addison Marketing
Richard MaRichard Ma
Richard Ma
Richard MaFounder & CEO
Ana Lukner RoljićAna Lukner Roljić
Ana Lukner Roljić
Ana Lukner RoljićDirector U.S.A., Eligma
Shawn DouglassShawn Douglass
Shawn Douglass
Shawn DouglassFounder & CEO
Anthony ZolezziAnthony Zolezzi
Anthony Zolezzi
Anthony ZolezziCEO
Twinlab Consolidated Holdings
Ben KabiliBen Kabili
Ben Kabili
Ben KabiliHead of Technology & Design
Clarence WootenClarence Wooten
Clarence Wooten
Clarence WootenFounder & CEO
STEAMRole.org and RoleCoin.io
Ann GreenbergAnn Greenberg
Ann Greenberg
Ann GreenbergFounder & CEO
Entertainment AI, M.E.D.I.A, Sceneplay Inc.
Brian HandschuhBrian Handschuh
Brian Handschuh
Sandip ChintawarSandip Chintawar
Sandip Chintawar
Sandip ChintawarFounder
Brandon FishBrandon Fish
Brandon Fish
Brandon FishCEO
Swift Harvest
Michael NoelMichael Noel
Michael Noel
Brandon ElliottBrandon Elliott
Brandon Elliott
Brandon ElliottCEO
Javvy Technologies Ltd.
Theodore WazTheodore Waz
Theodore Waz
Theodore WazCEO
The Opinion Economy, Inc.
Carla RiggiCarla Riggi
Carla Riggi
Carla RiggiCEO & Founder
Dongyan WangDongyan Wang
Dongyan Wang
Dongyan WangChief AI Officer, EVP
DeepBrain Chain
Mark KreitzmanMark Kreitzman
Mark Kreitzman
Mark KreitzmanAdvisor
K. V. RaoK. V. Rao
K. V. Rao
K. V. RaoFounder
Aviso & Zuora
Mark KreitzmanMark Kreitzman
Mark Kreitzman
Mark KreitzmanAdvisor
Joe ZottJoe Zott
Joe Zott
Joe ZottVP Engineering and Operations
Maksim HramadtsouMaksim Hramadtsou
Maksim Hramadtsou
Maksim HramadtsouCo-Founder and COO
Kosuke TakadaKosuke Takada
Kosuke Takada
Kosuke TakadaCEO
Lon OtrembaLon Otremba
Lon Otremba
Lon OtrembaCEO
John McCartneyJohn McCartney
John McCartney
John McCartneyManaging Director
Wise Public Relations, Inc
Mark SilvaMark Silva
Mark Silva
Mark SilvaFounder & CEO
Kathleen PolicyKathleen Policy
Kathleen Policy
Kathleen PolicyDirector of Business Development
ESC Games
Jon ChouJon Chou
Jon Chou
Jon ChouCo-Founder & CEO
The Bee Token
Maxim NogotkovMaxim Nogotkov
Maxim Nogotkov
Maxim NogotkovFounder
Courtney JonesCourtney Jones
Courtney Jones
Courtney JonesCo-founder, Chairman and CEO
Universal Health Coin
Michael Martin BeeghleyMichael Martin Beeghley
Michael Martin Beeghley
Michael Martin BeeghleyPresident
Economics LLC
David J HalvorsonDavid J Halvorson
David J Halvorson
David J HalvorsonManaging Director
Cryptonite Ventures and Labs
John CowanJohn Cowan
John Cowan
John CowanCo-founder & CEO
Darren MarbleDarren Marble
Darren Marble
Darren MarbleCEO
Keith AgoadaKeith Agoada
Keith Agoada
Keith AgoadaCo-Founder
Producers Token & Producers Market
Chris IrvineChris Irvine
Chris Irvine
Chris IrvineFounder & Principal
Jeff CesariJeff Cesari
Jeff Cesari
Jeff CesariPresident
Tre Figli Advisors, LLC
Crystle WongCrystle Wong
Crystle Wong
Crystle WongCo-founder & CEO
Sparxo Inc
David YangDavid Yang
David Yang
David YangCo-Founder & Founder
Yva.ai & ABBY
John MerrellsJohn Merrells
John Merrells
John MerrellsFounder & CEO
Reflector Network
Khori WhittakerKhori Whittaker
Khori Whittaker
Khori WhittakerPresident & CEO
Lighthouse Academies
Salem BagamiSalem Bagami
Salem Bagami
Salem BagamiManaging Director
Founder Institue
Jon TraskJon Trask
Jon Trask
Jon TraskCEO
CryptoSystems and Blockchain Guru
Andrew BullAndrew Bull
Andrew Bull
Andrew BullFounder & CEO
Bull Blockchain Law LLC
Jamis MacNivenJamis MacNiven
Jamis MacNiven
Jamis MacNivenFounder & CEO
Buck's of Woodside
Clemens PfeifferClemens Pfeiffer
Clemens Pfeiffer
Clemens PfeifferPresident and CEO/CTO
Tier44 Technologies, Inc.
Fred ThielFred Thiel
Fred Thiel
Fred ThielSenior Advisor
Graham Partners
Allison HuynhAllison Huynh
Allison Huynh
Allison HuynhCEO
Christopher StrachanChristopher Strachan
Christopher Strachan
Christopher StrachanFounder
Silicon Valley Growth Agents `{`SVGA`}`
Brian WongBrian Wong
Brian Wong
Brian WongFounder & CEO
Kiip & Author of The Cheat Code
Barry EvansBarry Evans
Barry Evans
Barry EvansGoogle Cloud Tech Ecosystem, Tech Exec
Erin LinitzErin Linitz
Erin Linitz
Erin LinitzGIS Analyst
Swift Harvest
Clément LesaegeClément Lesaege
Clément Lesaege
Edwin HandschuhEdwin Handschuh
Edwin Handschuh
Edwin HandschuhCEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Gordon JonesDr. Gordon Jones
Dr. Gordon Jones
Dr. Gordon JonesCo-Founder and President
The Universal Health Coin
Eleanor WuEleanor Wu
Eleanor Wu
Eleanor WuCo-Founder and President
Blue Ocean Systems
Duncan LoganDuncan Logan
Duncan Logan
Duncan LoganFounder
Elisa CamahortElisa Camahort
Elisa Camahort
Elisa CamahortConsultant, Speaker, Advisor/Board Member, Entrepreneur
Dr. Vladimir BacvanskiDr. Vladimir Bacvanski
Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski
Dr. Vladimir BacvanskiPrincipal & Strategic Architecture
Amit DasguptaAmit Dasgupta
Amit Dasgupta
Amit DasguptaDirector of Sales
Douglas Y. ParkDouglas Y. Park
Douglas Y. Park
Douglas Y. ParkManaging Partner & Founding Partner
Park & Dibadj LLP & SmartBlock Strategies, LLC
Soenja LammersSoenja Lammers
Soenja Lammers
Soenja LammersManaging Director, Cryptonite Ventures
Andrea CarafaAndrea Carafa
Andrea Carafa
Andrea CarafaFounder & CEO
Denis PopovDenis Popov
Denis Popov
Denis PopovCEO
Atto Trading Technologies LLC
Diana DingDiana Ding
Diana Ding
Diana DingFounder & CEO
Ding Ding TV
Neill MillerNeill Miller
Neill Miller
Neill MillerChairman and Co-Founder
Ole Vidar HeståsOle Vidar Hestås
Ole Vidar Hestås
Ole Vidar HeståsCo-founder & CEO
Stephen ScarrStephen Scarr
Stephen Scarr
Stephen ScarrCEO & Co-Founder
Info.com & eContext
Giuseppe A. GoriGiuseppe A. Gori
Giuseppe A. Gori
Giuseppe A. GoriCEO
Gorbyte Inc.
Petra VorsteherPetra Vorsteher
Petra Vorsteher
Petra VorsteherCo- Founder & Chief Alliances Officer
Smaato Inc
Karen SalayKaren Salay
Karen Salay
Karen SalayVP Growth, Trade Layer
Ana BaltodanoAna Baltodano
Ana Baltodano
Ana BaltodanoFounder
Davide De CarloDavide De Carlo
Davide De Carlo
Davide De CarloFounder & CEO
VeryFile Sagl.
Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Andrew TaylorFounder & CEO
Wild West Crypto Show, Blockchain Media Group, EdisonCoin
Dan KangDan Kang
Dan Kang
Dan KangFounder & CEO
TriDana Inc.
Basil ElotolBasil Elotol
Basil Elotol
Basil ElotolFounder & CEO
Trip Hop
Andrew ArcheAndrew Arche
Andrew Arche
Andrew ArcheCEO
Margaretta ColangeloMargaretta Colangelo
Margaretta Colangelo
Margaretta ColangeloPartner
Deep Knowledge Ventures
Robin RaskinRobin Raskin
Robin Raskin
Robin RaskinFounder
Living in Digital Times, LLC
Atsushi HisatsumiAtsushi Hisatsumi
Atsushi Hisatsumi
Atsushi HisatsumiFounder & CEO
Abram CooksonAbram Cookson
Abram Cookson
Abram CooksonCIO and Co-founder
Harrison BohrmanHarrison Bohrman
Harrison Bohrman
Harrison BohrmanConsultant
The Bohrman Group
Eduard CornewEduard Cornew
Eduard Cornew
Eduard CornewCo-Founder & CFO
Mwamba Mining
Oliver SchonschekOliver Schonschek
Oliver Schonschek
Oliver SchonschekTechnology Journalist and Analyst
Andrew LeahyAndrew Leahy
Andrew Leahy
Chase McMichaelChase McMichael
Chase McMichael
Chase McMichaelCEO Product Head
David RussekDavid Russek
David Russek
David RussekFounder & CEO
Anthem Hayek BlanchardAnthem Hayek Blanchard
Anthem Hayek Blanchard
Anthem Hayek BlanchardCEO
Hercules SEZC
Melissa WilliamsMelissa Williams
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams
Steven SpragueSteven Sprague
Steven Sprague
Steven SpragueCEO
Rivetz Corp.
Adam WhiteAdam White
Adam White
Adam WhiteHead of Growth
Silicon Valley Growth Agents `{`SVGA`}`
Heidi MesserHeidi Messer
Heidi Messer
Heidi MesserChairperson & Co-Founder
Abe KleinfeldAbe Kleinfeld
Abe Kleinfeld
Abe KleinfeldPresident & CEO
GridGain Systems
Ray KasbarianRay Kasbarian
Ray Kasbarian
Ray KasbarianFounder & CEO
Mehdi MaghsoodniaMehdi Maghsoodnia
Mehdi Maghsoodnia
Mehdi MaghsoodniaCEO
Valerie BrittValerie Britt
Valerie Britt
Valerie BrittFounder
Rex WongRex Wong
Rex Wong
Rex WongCEO
Nathon GunnNathon Gunn
Nathon Gunn
Nathon GunnCEO
Iain ScholnickIain Scholnick
Iain Scholnick
Iain ScholnickCEO & Founder
Monali JainMonali Jain
Monali Jain
Monali JainAngel Investor
Kent LinKent Lin
Kent Lin
Kent LinCEO & CMO
Ocelot Enterprises
Mitch ThrowerMitch Thrower
Mitch Thrower
Mitch ThrowerFounder
La Jolla Foundation & Events.com
Phillip DunkelbergerPhillip Dunkelberger
Phillip Dunkelberger
Phillip DunkelbergerPresident & CEO
Nok Nok Labs
Yusuke MotokiYusuke Motoki
Yusuke Motoki
Yusuke MotokiChief Communications Officer
Inman BreauxInman Breaux
Inman Breaux
Inman BreauxPresident
Neill MillerNeill Miller
Neill Miller
Neill MillerChairman and Co-Founder
Franklin UrteagaFranklin Urteaga
Franklin Urteaga
Franklin UrteagaCo-Founder & CEO
Steve KirschSteve Kirsch
Steve Kirsch
Steve KirschCEO
Tatyana KanzaveliTatyana Kanzaveli
Tatyana Kanzaveli
Tatyana KanzaveliFounder & CEO
Open Health Network
Teruhito Terry ShiraishiTeruhito Terry Shiraishi
Teruhito Terry Shiraishi
Stephanie FohnStephanie Fohn
Stephanie Fohn
Stephanie FohnPresident and CEO
Thomas CornewThomas Cornew
Thomas Cornew
Thomas CornewCo-Founder & CEO
Mwamba Mining
Thomas O'MalleyThomas O'Malley
Thomas O'Malley
Elizabeth T. KukkaElizabeth T. Kukka
Elizabeth T. Kukka
Elizabeth T. KukkaProgram Director
Ethereum Classic Labs
Ian ClearyIan Cleary
Ian Cleary
Ian ClearyAuthor
Patrick KremerPatrick Kremer
Patrick Kremer
Patrick KremerCEO
Naveen AgarwalNaveen Agarwal
Naveen Agarwal
Naveen AgarwalChief Customer Officer
Prudential Financial
Gopi MattelGopi Mattel
Gopi Mattel
Gopi MattelCEO
CellarStone, Inc.
Prasun MishraPrasun Mishra
Prasun Mishra
Prasun MishraFounder & CEO
Agility Pharmaceuticals
Rick BurnettRick Burnett
Rick Burnett
Rick BurnettCEO
LaneAxis Inc.
Roger LangRoger Lang
Roger Lang
Roger LangCEO
Seth PageSeth Page
Seth Page
Seth PageCOO
ThroughPut Inc
Viveca ChanViveca Chan
Viveca Chan
Viveca ChanWE Marketing Group
Chairman & CEO
Will SeippelWill Seippel
Will Seippel
Will SeippelCEO & Founder
WorthPoint Corporation
Steve BoogarSteve Boogar
Steve Boogar
Steve BoogarFounder
Tony ZhangTony Zhang
Tony Zhang
Tony ZhangFounder & CEO
Connection Labs
Alex LinebrinkAlex Linebrink
Alex Linebrink
Alex LinebrinkCFO


These crypto investors are distinguished by their belief in the blockchain revolution and courage to bet the big money on the best projects

Tim DraperTim Draper
Tim Draper
Tim DraperFounder
Draper Associates, Draper University
Bá MinuzziBá Minuzzi
Bá Minuzzi
Bá MinuzziCoFounder & Managing Partner
Ausum Ventures
Michael ArringtonMichael Arrington
Michael Arrington
Michael ArringtonFounder
Arrington XRP Capital
Alessandro PiolAlessandro Piol
Alessandro Piol
Alessandro PiolManaging Partner and Co-Founder
Bill BaumelBill Baumel
Bill Baumel
Bill BaumelManaging Director
Ohio Innovation Fund
Deepak KamraDeepak Kamra
Deepak Kamra
Deepak KamraGeneral Partner
Canaan Partners
Duncan DavidsonDuncan Davidson
Duncan Davidson
Duncan DavidsonGeneral Partner
Bullpen Capital
Jacques TeisenJacques Teisen
Jacques Teisen
Jacques TeisenR & D Project Lead
Andrew ChenAndrew Chen
Andrew Chen
Andrew ChenGeneral Partner
Kamran ElahianKamran Elahian
Kamran Elahian
Kamran ElahianChairman
Global Innovation Catalyst LLC
Kay KoplovitzKay Koplovitz
Kay Koplovitz
Kay KoplovitzManaging Partner
Springboard Growth Capital
Lucian WagnerLucian Wagner
Lucian Wagner
Lucian WagnerGeneral Partner
EuroUS Ventures
Michael T. MoeMichael T. Moe
Michael T. Moe
Michael T. MoeCo-Founder & Partner
GSV Asset Management
Michael SkokMichael Skok
Michael Skok
Michael SkokFounding Partner
Underscore VC
Bess HoBess Ho
Bess Ho
Bess HoHead of Product
Amit ChatterjeeAmit Chatterjee
Amit Chatterjee
Amit ChatterjeeAngle Investor
Josh ElmanJosh Elman
Josh Elman
Josh ElmanVP
Don BasileDon Basile
Don Basile
Don BasileCEO
Monsoon Blockchain Storage
George GilderGeorge Gilder
George Gilder
George GilderAuthor & Venture Capitalist
Angle Investor
Ronald AvignoneRonald Avignone
Ronald Avignone
Ronald AvignoneFounder CEO, Triple T Ventures
Judith IglehartJudith Iglehart
Judith Iglehart
Judith IglehartFounding Partner, SAYJ Global Partners
Angle Investor
Glenn GowGlenn Gow
Glenn Gow
Glenn GowAngle Investor
Marketing Partner, Clear Ventures
Sandy ClimanSandy Climan
Sandy Climan
Sandy ClimanPresident, Entertainment Media Ventures
Anthony AlfidiAnthony Alfidi
Anthony Alfidi
Anthony AlfidiFounder & CEO
Alfidi Capital
Thomas CarterThomas Carter
Thomas Carter
Thomas CarterFounder & CEO
Bruce GellmanBruce Gellman
Bruce Gellman
Bruce GellmanAngel Investor
John SculleyJohn Sculley
John Sculley
John SculleyAngel Investor
Elisabeth FullertonElisabeth Fullerton
Elisabeth Fullerton
Elisabeth FullertonCEO
EPF Foundation
Keith NilssonKeith Nilsson
Keith Nilsson
Keith NilssonManaging Partner & Co-Founder
Xplorer Capital
Francine HardawayFrancine Hardaway
Francine Hardaway
Francine HardawayMember Of The Board Of Advisors
Botanisol Holdings
Kendrick NguyenKendrick Nguyen
Kendrick Nguyen
Kendrick NguyenCEO & Co-Founder
Jon StaenbergJon Staenberg
Jon Staenberg
Jon StaenbergFoudner
Hand of God Wines
Mary Jo PotterMary Jo Potter
Mary Jo Potter
Mary Jo PotterCEO and Managing Director
Healthcare Angels
Harold KellmanHarold Kellman
Harold Kellman
Harold KellmanPresident
HRK Enterprises
Monali JainMonali Jain
Monali Jain
Monali JainAngel Investor
James McElweeJames McElwee
James McElwee
James McElweeDirector
James McElwee Venture Advisory
Jazear BrooksJazear Brooks
Jazear Brooks
Jazear BrooksBlockchain Architect
Peter KellnerPeter Kellner
Peter Kellner
Peter KellnerFounder & Managing Partner
Richmond Global Ventures
Johnson HorJohnson Hor
Johnson Hor
Johnson HorDirector of Something
Shoebox Ventures
Magomed MusaevMagomed Musaev
Magomed Musaev
Magomed MusaevPresident
GVA Capital
Pavel CherkashinPavel Cherkashin
Pavel Cherkashin
Pavel CherkashinManaging Partner
Mindrock Capital and GVA Capital
Peter A. HowleyPeter A. Howley
Peter A. Howley
Peter A. HowleyFounder & Chairman
The Howley Managment Group
David CarlickDavid Carlick
David Carlick
David CarlickDirector
PayActiv, Inc.
Vlasta PokladnikovaVlasta Pokladnikova
Vlasta Pokladnikova
Vlasta PokladnikovaAngel Investor
Bill BarhydtBill Barhydt
Bill Barhydt
Bill BarhydtFounder & CEO
Ron SavinoRon Savino
Ron Savino
Ron SavinoAngel Investor, Founder
Asia Fintech Angels
Tamer RashadTamer Rashad
Tamer Rashad
Tamer RashadFounder & CEO
Thor HarrisThor Harris
Thor Harris
Thor HarrisCEO
Wayne TamarelliWayne Tamarelli
Wayne Tamarelli
Wayne TamarelliVenture Investor
Ted BarnettTed Barnett
Ted Barnett
Ted BarnettAngel Investor, Partner
Free Mind Capital
Adam DraperAdam Draper
Adam Draper
Adam DraperFounder and Managing Director
Boost VC
Randy WilliamsRandy Williams
Randy Williams
Randy WilliamsAngel Investor, Founder and CEO
Keiretsu Forum
Norm FogelsongNorm Fogelsong
Norm Fogelsong
Norm FogelsongPartner
Patrick YangPatrick Yang
Patrick Yang
Patrick YangCo-Founder & General Partner
Amity Ventures
Richard CayneRichard Cayne
Richard Cayne
Richard CayneCEO
Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd
Ken GoldmanKen Goldman
Ken Goldman
Ken GoldmanCFO and VP Finance and Administration
Steven XiSteven Xi
Steven Xi
Steven XiCo-Founder and Managing Partner
Eastlink Capital Partners, L.P.
Takahiro ShojiTakahiro Shoji
Takahiro Shoji
Takahiro ShojiFounding Partner
Hike Ventures
Tess HauTess Hau
Tess Hau
Tess HauAngel Investor
Quinn TranQuinn Tran
Quinn Tran
Quinn TranEVP
Mullen Technologies
Bruce PorterBruce Porter
Bruce Porter
Bruce PorterCEO
Steven MasurSteven Masur
Steven Masur
Steven MasurPartner
Masur Griffitts + LLP
Kevin MorrowKevin Morrow
Kevin Morrow
Kevin MorrowVice President, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development,
Samsung Electronics
Naveen AgarwalNaveen Agarwal
Naveen Agarwal
Naveen AgarwalChief Customer Officer
Prudential Financial
Phil MolyneuxPhil Molyneux
Phil Molyneux
Phil MolyneuxPresident
Billy DraperBilly Draper
Billy Draper
Billy DraperPartner
Draper Associates
Walter MaguireWalter Maguire
Walter Maguire
Walter MaguirePrincipal Data Architect
Travis KlingTravis Kling
Travis Kling
Travis KlingFounder & Chief Investment Officer
kigai Asset Management
Raj KapanyRaj Kapany
Raj Kapany
Raj KapanyAngel Investor
Patri FriedmanPatri Friedman
Patri Friedman
Patri FriedmanSoftware Engineer / Founder
Google / The Seasteading Institute
Nicholas DavidovNicholas Davidov
Nicholas Davidov
Nicholas DavidovCo-Founder
Gagarin Capital


These experts are distinguished by their special talent to guide their blockchain company clients to emerge as category leaders.

Ahmed HasanAhmed Hasan
Ahmed Hasan
Ahmed HasanStartup Lawyer
Inventus Law
Maha AlnajjarMaha Alnajjar
Maha Alnajjar
Maha AlnajjarInvestment Banking
US Capital Global
Brandi MadisonBrandi Madison
Brandi Madison
Brandi MadisonSmall Business Advisor
America's Small Business Development Center
Alicia Nieva-WoodgateAlicia Nieva-Woodgate
Alicia Nieva-Woodgate
Alicia Nieva-WoodgateManaging Director
ANW Networks
Brian TomoganeBrian Tomogane
Brian Tomogane
Brian TomoganePrinciple
TransLink Capital
Andy PoppinkAndy Poppink
Andy Poppink
Andy PoppinkPresident
Bart StephensBart Stephens
Bart Stephens
Bart StephensCo-Founder and Managing Partner
Blockchain Capital LLC
Bijal V. VakilBijal V. Vakil
Bijal V. Vakil
Bijal V. VakilTechnology & Intellectual Property Litigation Partner
White & Case LLP
Al RamadanAl Ramadan
Al Ramadan
Al RamadanCo-founder & Partner
Play Bigger, LLC
Elena Smirnov-OtisElena Smirnov-Otis
Elena Smirnov-Otis
Elena Smirnov-OtisPrinciple
Global Asset Protection Solutions
Dave IzukaDave Izuka
Dave Izuka
Dave IzukaPartner
Venture Consultant & Cresta Partners
Chris InglisChris Inglis
Chris Inglis
Chris InglisVice President Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Edward RingEdward Ring
Edward Ring
Edward RingAnalyst
California Policy Center
Douglas StewartDouglas Stewart
Douglas Stewart
Douglas StewartSenior Vice President/Relationship Manager
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Sana Al-BuainainSana Al-Buainain
Sana Al-Buainain
Sana Al-BuainainFounder & CEO
The Journey Coaching Consultancy
Andrea LittoAndrea Litto
Andrea Litto
Andrea LittoFounder
MARIANNA PRUEGERPrincipal and Founder
Transparent 401K and 401K Latino
Eve (Evgeniya) SobolevaEve (Evgeniya) Soboleva
Eve (Evgeniya) Soboleva
Eve (Evgeniya) SobolevaChief Evangelist and Founder
Alive Accelerator
Mike SlyMike Sly
Mike Sly
Mike SlyEvent Sales Director
TIP Foundation
Tim TurleyTim Turley
Tim Turley
Tim TurleyPrincipal
Turley Consulting
Edward WoodEdward Wood
Edward Wood
Edward WoodAdult and Pediatric Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellow
Associated Retinal Consultants, P.C.
Beth BlechermanBeth Blecherman
Beth Blecherman
Beth BlechermanProduct and Project Management, Blockchain
Gerson Lehrman Group
Jim DalyJim Daly
Jim Daly
Jim DalyEditor
Wired Brand Lab
Paul SchautPaul Schaut
Paul Schaut
Paul SchautProfessional Board Director & Advisor
Kevin McBrideKevin McBride
Kevin McBride
Kevin McBrideFounder
Capital Agnostic Partners
Maria PolyMaria Poly
Maria Poly
Maria PolyDirector Investor Relations
TMT Blockchain Fund
Lise BuyerLise Buyer
Lise Buyer
Lise BuyerFounder & Partner
Class V Group
Marcin KajkoMarcin Kajko
Marcin Kajko
Marcin KajkoDirector of Communications and PR
Gorbyte, Inc.
Laszlo HorvathLaszlo Horvath
Laszlo Horvath
Laszlo HorvathFounder
Dave RodmanDave Rodman
Dave Rodman
Dave RodmanFounding Member
Rodman Law Group
Rod BannerRod Banner
Rod Banner
Rod BannerAgent of Change & Chairman
3LA.com & Seenit
Roger RoyseRoger Royse
Roger Royse
Roger RoyseFounder
Royse Law Firm
Michael F. CroninMichael F. Cronin
Michael F. Cronin
Michael F. CroninFounder and Managing Partner
Weston Presidio
Anil AdvaniAnil Advani
Anil Advani
Anil AdvaniFounder & Managing Partner
Inventus Law
Rok BabičRok Babič
Rok Babič
Rok BabičBlockchain developer
Martin StrokaMartin Stroka
Martin Stroka
Martin StrokaManaging Director
Glenn BallardGlenn Ballard
Glenn Ballard
Glenn BallardFounder & Lead Servant
Marpé Finance & Accountin
Mark ZawackiMark Zawacki
Mark Zawacki
Mark ZawackiFounder
650 Labs
Sonny SinghSonny Singh
Sonny Singh
Sonny SinghChief Commercial Officer
Sanaz HaririSanaz Hariri
Sanaz Hariri
Sanaz HaririOrthopedic Surgeon
Sanaz Hariri, MD
Michael TerpinMichael Terpin
Michael Terpin
Michael TerpinFounder & CEO
Transform Group
Mihir JobaliaMihir Jobalia
Mihir Jobalia
Mihir JobaliaManaging Director
KPMG Corporate Finance LLC
Gerald BradyGerald Brady
Gerald Brady
Gerald BradyManaging Director
SVB Financial Group
Mark ChasanMark Chasan
Mark Chasan
Mark ChasanManaging Director
Exemplar Companies
Colin StewartColin Stewart
Colin Stewart
Colin StewartDirector of Agricultural Technology & Founder
Producers Market & DirectHarvest
Harrison WiseHarrison Wise
Harrison Wise
Harrison WisePresident
WISE Public Relations, Inc.
Jean-Luc GusatveJean-Luc Gusatve
Jean-Luc Gusatve
Jean-Luc GusatveManaging Partner
Globality Ventures
Jerry ChaconJerry Chacon
Jerry Chacon
Jerry ChaconPartner
Goodwin I Procter LLP
Claude TolbertClaude Tolbert
Claude Tolbert
Claude TolbertGM
Azureus Software Inc.
Hale BoggsHale Boggs
Hale Boggs
Hale BoggsM&A and VC Partner
Christopher HarlemChristopher Harlem
Christopher Harlem
Christopher HarlemAssociate
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosat
Kayvan BaroumandKayvan Baroumand
Kayvan Baroumand
Kayvan BaroumandCEO
Elizabeth T. KukkaElizabeth T. Kukka
Elizabeth T. Kukka
Elizabeth T. KukkaProgram Director
Ethereum Classic Labs
Don HoDon Ho
Don Ho
Don HoHead of Business
John HagelJohn Hagel
John Hagel
John HagelCo-Chairman
Center for the Edge, Deloitte & Touche
Mary Pacifico CurtisMary Pacifico Curtis
Mary Pacifico Curtis
Mary Pacifico CurtisCEO
OnChip Systems
Katherine NoesenKatherine Noesen
Katherine Noesen
Katherine NoesenCOO
Atlas AI
Satjiv ChahilSatjiv Chahil
Satjiv Chahil
Satjiv ChahilCEO
Silicon Valley Global Marketing and Innovations Advisory
Ken HertzKen Hertz
Ken Hertz
Ken HertzFounding Partner
Jutta Juliane (Wiezorke) MeierJutta Juliane (Wiezorke) Meier
Jutta Juliane (Wiezorke) Meier
Jutta Juliane (Wiezorke) MeierCo-Founder & Chief Digital Strategist
Roboy & lucky
Walter RizzoWalter Rizzo
Walter Rizzo
Walter RizzoFinancial Director
VeryFile sagl
Nathon GunnNathon Gunn
Nathon Gunn
Nathon GunnCEO
William ``Bill`` O'KeeffeWilliam ``Bill`` O'Keeffe
William ``Bill`` O'Keeffe
William ``Bill`` O'KeeffeCEO & President
Jeffrey BodeJeffrey Bode
Jeffrey Bode
Jeffrey BodePresident & Owner
Mid America Mortgage, Inc.
Wedge MartinWedge Martin
Wedge Martin
Wedge MartinCTO
Vivo Technology Inc.
Sandrine SchellerSandrine Scheller
Sandrine Scheller
Sandrine SchellerHead of Institutional Relations
Luxembourg Trade
Kavita GuptaKavita Gupta
Kavita Gupta
Michael KennemerMichael Kennemer
Michael Kennemer
Michael KennemerCFO
Mid America Mortgage, Inc
Roland StortiRoland Storti
Roland Storti
Roland StortiCEO
Sarah AustinSarah Austin
Sarah Austin
Sarah AustinCEO
Peak Energies
Rich MooreRich Moore
Rich Moore
Rich MoorePrincipal
Big Sprocket LLC
Bruce HaringBruce Haring
Bruce Haring
Bruce HaringManaging Editor
George GorGeorge Gor
George Gor
George GorCEO & Editor
Coin Idol
Marina BayMarina Bay
Marina Bay
Marina BayProducer
Stefania PomponiStefania Pomponi
Stefania Pomponi
Stefania PomponiFounder & President
CLEVER Influencer Marketing Agency
Rao SurapaneniRao Surapaneni
Rao Surapaneni
Bianca ChenBianca Chen
Bianca Chen
Bianca ChenFinance Correspondent
Thomson Reuters
Sylvie LeotinSylvie Leotin
Sylvie Leotin
Sylvie LeotinFounder & CEO
Tech Atelier
Sherry ChuangSherry Chuang
Sherry Chuang
Sherry ChuangProduct Marketing Manager
Ford Smart Mobility
David HerbstDavid Herbst
David Herbst
David HerbstPartner
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Paul HamadehPaul Hamadeh
Paul Hamadeh
Paul HamadehFounder & CEO
Steven ZellerSteven Zeller
Steven Zeller
Steven ZellerVice President - Investment Officer
Wells Fargo Advisors
Robinson JoyeRobinson Joye
Robinson Joye
Robinson JoyeHomepage Editor
Taylor EvensonTaylor Evenson
Taylor Evenson
Taylor EvensonAssociate
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Thomas HThomas H
Thomas H
Thomas HCEO
William AhmannWilliam Ahmann
William Ahmann
William AhmannPartner
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
Todd Jaquez-FissoriTodd Jaquez-Fissori
Todd Jaquez-Fissori
Todd Jaquez-FissoriManaging Partner
Structural Capital
Tongtong GongTongtong Gong
Tongtong Gong
Tongtong GongChief Operating Officer
Traci BrintonTraci Brinton
Traci Brinton
Traci BrintonDirector of Client Experience
Catalina Labs Inc.
Vicki TisdaleVicki Tisdale
Vicki Tisdale
Vicki TisdaleEnterprise Research Services
Peter MullenPeter Mullen
Peter Mullen
Peter MullenStrategic Partnerships
Robert I. de JongRobert I. de Jong
Robert I. de Jong
Robert I. de JongExecutive
Home Compostable Coffee Capsules IP
Pablo Rodriguez BertorelloPablo Rodriguez Bertorello
Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello
Zee WestZee West
Zee West
Zee WestBusiness Development Director
Anesu Bridget MhlangaAnesu Bridget Mhlanga
Anesu Bridget Mhlanga
Anesu Bridget MhlangaManaging Director
Cryptonite Ventures

Founding Partners

Our founding partners are the champions of the crypto world’s most successful entrepreneurs and projects driving the blockchain revolution. To join our blue chip team of partners contact Valerie Britt - Valerie@CryptoniteVentures.com



The Cryptonite culture promotes focused presentations, candid opinion, group participation, regular networking opportunities, and fun and entertaining receptions and after parties.

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