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The entrepreneurs leading the following companies and new VC funds are Cryptonite members currently seeking new investors and strategic partners. All companies and investment funds listed in the Marketplace have been vetted and qualified by the Cryptonite Ventures team. Cryptonite is not, however, a broker dealer and the role of our Managing Directors is to merely provide screened introductions to the following companies. All subsequent investment and strategic transactions must be negotiated directly with the company founders.

Eligma Labs

Eligma Labs brings together a diverse range of experienced blockchain consultants and programmers specializing in product and custom development through cutting edge technologies and innovative business models.

``Based in Slovenia, Eligma Labs specializes in bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to online shops, digital banks, fintech solutions, online games, data-storage solutions etc., by upgrading your existing platforms and backend systems with blockchain features. In this, we offer off-the-shelf white-labeled products and platforms, blockchain middleware and wide range of custom development skills.

Dejan Roljic'
Dejan Roljic'CEO, Eligma
Tip Sheet

Eligma Labs  provide you with the following services and solutions:

  • General Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Consultancy
  • Custom Smart Contracts and Smart Contract Auditing
  • Blockchain-protected Database and Login
  • Decentralized Identity Systems
  • Private / Consortium Blockchain Solutions
  • Ethereum Development Kit
  • Blockchain Payment Gateway with own Node Clusters
  • ICO/Crowdsale Platforms
  • Custom Ethereum Tokens (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Blockchain Analytics & Airdrop Campaign



A public, permissionless infrastructure cloud designed to host the next-generation of software and services.

“The cloud storage industry that Box and DropBox championed is being reinvented for the blockchain era. The ability to store your personal and enterprise data across globally distributed and cryptographically secure cloud networks, will solve our great privacy and security woes. As a leader in this movement, 0Chain offers a privacy-centric, high-security storage platform that delivers faster performance and lower cost than traditional cloud services``

Saswata Basu
Saswata BasuCoFounder & CEO, 0Chain
Tip Sheet
0Chain’s investment and strategic interests:

  • Equity investors
  • Partners: onlinecasinogo.com Cloud, Colocation, and Blockchain Providers
  • Customers: Consumers and Developers
  • Partners to evangelize 0chain: Accelerators, Wallet Providers, Influencers



A real-time blockchain data and insights
platform that empowers developers, exchanges, institutional investors, and auditors to gain a significant competitive edge.

“Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency are the underpinnings of a new financial infrastructure. Exchanges, OTC desks, funds, traders, auditors, regulators, developers, and every major enterprise will increasingly need access to blockchain data to remain competitive. Unlike traditional financial instruments, the exploding market of digital assets are living pieces of software that transfer value across blockchain networks, and therefore require a new operational analytics approach. Amberdata is a new generation platform that provides real-time, validated blockchain data, including market price data and valuation metrics, to exchanges and investors in a actionable format not offered by any other provider.”

Shawn Douglass
Shawn DouglassCoFounder & CEO, Amberdata
Tip Sheet

Amberdata‘s investment and strategic interests:

  • Series A equity investors in Amberdata.io
  • First round ICO investors in Web3data.org
  • 3rd party data partners
  • Distribution partners
  • Investment firms seeking to accelerate their research and decision-making effort and de-risk their portfolios.
  • A select group of geographically distributed direct-sales reps to call on large prospects.



Bitsimple is a one-click blockchain infrastructure deployment platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar and other top blockchain ecosystems.

``Bitsimple is redefining the blockchain infrastructure and deployment experience for engineering teams worldwide. Designed by a team of technical experts from Apple, Tesla, Blackberry, Pivotal Labs, and Laurel Road, Bitsimple strips away the complexity and cost of maintaining blockchain infrastructure in-house. Often called the ``Heroku for Blockchain``, Bitsimple helps developers adopt blockchain implementation best practices for their web and mobile applications.``

Tip Sheet

Bitsimple‘s investment and strategic interests:

  • Seed Round Investors
  • Series A equity investors
  • Industry experts and advisors
  • Product launch partners
  • Distribution partners
  • Customers: Developers, CTO’s, startups and businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology & best practices
  • Looking to Hire: Blockchain engineers, backend engineers, Sales and Marketing roles



A patented and secure low-friction software-only Optical offline transactions channel, competing with and enhancing mobile NFC /Wifi for ubiquitous highly secure mobile transactions, and providing automation for auto-pairing augmentation of RF utilities for lower customer friction at the mobile POS.

“Despite mobile payments are expected to grow 33% to $457B in 2026, existing methods for device and identity authentication result in a daunting user experience, preventing mobile payment apps from becoming mainstream. Metasepia's experienced mobile technology team has developed a highly secure method able to authenticate devices, and individuals, offline with a single step visual process. As a software only protocol, independent of NFC/RF/Wifi, Metasepia’s innovation is the only mobile solution that will auto-pair across all devices and platforms in a low-friction fast transaction experience suitable for highly secure crypto/token/card/POS mobile offline payments.”

Tip Sheet

MetaSepia’s investment and strategic interests:

  • $2M seed round equity investors
  • First round ETO and STO investors
  • Industry experts and advisors
  • Product launch partners
  • Distribution partners including merchant products and services companies
  • Customers that use in-store mobile offline QR code based payment systems



A proprietary, AI-driven, market intelligence search and discover engine for the booming blockchain industry.

“The Plato search and hashtag engine allows professionals to easily identify and organize consensus-driven intelligence and thereby accelerate their research and decision-making efforts. Platos engine was built upon a proprietary and scalable framework that, in its simplest form, allows users to automatically generate and distribute searchable backlinks to the community. One of the key features of the platform is a UI that provides a powerful a 360° view of the market through an intuitive and content rich user experience. Plato’s current MVP is focused on meeting the needs of global blockchain, AI and crypto investors, exchanges, OTC traders, entrepreneurs regulators and developers.”

Tip Sheet

Plato‘s investment and strategic interests:

  • Series A equity investors
  • Industry experts and advisors
  • Product launch partners
  • Distribution partners
  • Sales team or other new hires



Scalable and decentralized zero-fee payments infrastructure and programmable currency for the public internet, coordinated by a decentralized Governance of checks and balances.

``Storecoin is a new public blockchain—Not a dApp, ERC20 token, DPOS blockchain, fork, or DA. $STORE aims to become the public internet’s dominant reserve, zero-fee, programmable currency by being ultra-fast (5,000+ transactions per second at launch), and secure, with Byzantine Fault Tolerance up to 1/3 malicious nodes with continuous on-chain monitoring for bad actors. The Storecoin blockchain will be coordinated by a one-entity, one-vote democratic and decentralized governance of checks and balances that can be understood and trusted by miners, app developers, merchants, and the largest organizations in the world.``

Chris McCoy
Chris McCoyCEO, Storecoin
Tip Sheet

Storecoin’s investment and strategic interests:

  • Equity investors
  • Token investors
  • Industry experts and advisors
  • Product launch partners
  • Distribution partners
  • Governance input



Cryptonite is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser. Cryptonite is a consultant to the enterprises mentioned above and makes no warranties or representations as to the buying, selling or value of any equity or token transaction between parties. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller or client. The Cryptonite website should never to be considered a solicitation for investment for any purpose in any form or content.

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