The Cryptonite Fundraising Network’s mission is to connect Cryptonite members who are active crypto investors with high quality, pre-screened, innovation driven, private companies that are seeking capital. Cryptonite Angels may be introduced to companies on an individual basis, or meet them at regularly scheduled Cryptonite “Private Company Pitch Days.”  Companies that apply to the Cryptonite Angel Network are typically looking for pre ICO funding and most applicants have raised some initial capital from the founders, friends, and family.
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The Cryptonite Angels

Cryptonite Angels are investors with leadership experience in entrepreneurship, technology, and investing and are passionate about contributing to early stage companies within the Cryptonite and broader Silicon Valley Communities. The Cyptonite Angel Network is not a venture fund. Cryptonite Angels make their own individual decisions as to which companies they invest in, and manage the relationship with these companies independently of Cryptonite. Many of our Angels also serve as mentors to the companies they invest in, and often assist in business modeling, fundraising, strategic partnering, brand and market positioning, go-to-market strategies, team building and recruiting.
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Contact Cryptonite directly: Concierge@CryptoniteVentures.com



Cyptonite experts and portfolio company participants and their founding team members enjoy exclusive invitations to maintain their relationship with the Cryptonite Community all year around through a Cryptonite annual membership. Each team member enjoys full benefits as outlined on the membership benefits page.
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