Cryptonite [Innovation Labs] are educational programs designed to assist blockchain and crypto companies to learn from top experts and advisors and to help them to achieve quality outcomes that add value to their companies.  Cryptonite Labs programs provide participants the opportunity to work with proven technology enterprise builders, investors, crypto-economists, blockchain technologists and other key influencers from Silicon Valley. Additional programs include interactive workshops where investors can learn and gain the latest insights into cryptocurrency investment and strategies to help them make smart decisions and succeed in this fast-evolving marketplace.

Cryptonite Company Participants

Participating private companies include pre and post ICO technology companies operating in the global Silicon Valley. Participating blockchain and crypto company teams learn from proven industry players, venture investors and technologists operating in industry sectors such as: media, entertainment, cannabis, finance, cloud/blockchain infrastructure & protocols, health, education, machines, sustainability, retail, and Internet of Things.

Cryptonite [Labs] Programs

  • Pre-ICO strategy and implementation plan (private equity and crowdfunding)
  • ICO marketing and distribution strategy
  • Cryptocurrency investor workshops


Contact Cryptonite directly: Concierge@CryptoniteVentures.com




[Labs] participants and their founding team members enjoy exclusive invitations to maintain their relationship with the Cryptonite Community all year around through a Cryptonite annual membership. Each team member enjoys full benefits as outlined on the membership benefits page.
Cryptonite ‘Founding Member’ Registration