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Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is a global, invitation-only community of crypto entrepreneurs, investors, and key influencers leading the blockchain revolution. The decentralizing and liberating power of the blockchain will ultimately upend major industries, inspire developing nations, transform popular culture, and create huge new economic opportunities. Cryptonite fosters the revolution by gathering the brightest minds and craftiest entrepreneurs at exclusive events and online forums to engage in cutting-edge debate, exchange technology and business advice, join forces and make incredible things happen!
Cryptonite ‘Founding Member’ Registration


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” 
—Steve Jobs, Cofounder, Apple & Pixar 

Cryptonite ‘Founding Member’ Privileges

Cryptonite offers members and their guests a variety of professional business development, networking, fundraising and educational benefits, including:
  • Connecting with a growing membership of crypto industry insiders, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.
  • Participating in a regular series of Innovation Salons featuring top crypto industry innovators, investors and experts hosted at some of the coolest venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Most events are free to paid members—up to $1,200 in annual tickets savings)
  • Presenting your company at quarterly pre-ICO pitches at a discount and/or attending all  Cryptonite pitches at no cost. (Up to $600 in total annual savings)
  • Signing up as one of Cryptonite’s ‘Experts‘ and promoting your expertise to the community at no cost. This includes being featured on the Cryptonite website and as a member of the Cryptonite Expert Network Telegram chat group. ($500 value)
  • Signing up as one of Cryptonite’s ‘Angels‘ and promoting your investment interests to the community at no cost. This includes being featured on the Cryptonite website and as a member of the Cryptonite Angel Network Telegram chat group. ($500 value)
  • Enjoying a regular series of immersive cultural PopUp events, including art exhibitions, live music, film screenings, sporting and recreational events.
  • Accessing a proprietary social network to meet and collaborate with other Cryptonite members, companies and investors, and gain global exposure.
  • Participating in our annual ‘Cryptonite World Tour—Where investors meet the top crypto companies on the planet’ currently planned for San Francisco, Zurich, Singapore and Dubai. Members receive a 50 percent discount on their tickets and entrepreneurs receive discounts on top crypto company presentations. ($1,000 discount savings for each tour stop)
  • Receiving invitations and discounts on Cryptonite partner events.
  • Receiving a monthly newsletter featuring upcoming Cryptonite and partner events, new members and partners.
  • Nominating new members that fit the Cryptonite member profile.

‘In five years bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will dominate—There will be no reason to use fiat currencies,’
—Tim Draper, Managing Director, Draper Associates, November 2017

For additional inquiries regarding Cryptonite please contact: – (415) 787-2421